Auto Detailing Services

Pristine Detailing offers a variety of services including paint correction, C.Quartz ceramic paint coatings and more!

Paint Correction Services

The paint correction process (machine polishing) will enhance the gloss and improve the clarity of the paint on any vehicle.  Defects are polished away…not filled in.

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New Vehicle Detail

Most people assume that brand new vehicles are perfect, with no detailing work required. Truth is, new vehicles are delivered to the customer at about 80 percent of their potential.  Avoid the dealership ‘prep’ and bring your vehicle to Pristine Detailing.

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 C.Quartz Nano Paint Protection

C.Quartz ceramic paint protective coatings are the continuously on the cutting edge of nano technology, providing the most exclusive surface protection for your vehicle. Cquartz nano paint coatings are designed specifically for those with discerning tastes that demand a rich & glossy finish, as well as, the ability to resist the elements.

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 C.Quartz Leather & Vinyl

C.Quartz Leather & Vinyl is the ultimate in protection for leather & vinyl surfaces throughout your vehicle.

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 C.Quartz Fabric

C.Quartz Fabric brings long-lasting C.Quartz coating technology to convertible tops, carpets and fabrics.

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My initial conversation with Mike at Pristine Detailing consisted of what his services would provide. Mike did exactly what he described to me and more. Mike detailed parts of the car that never crossed my mind to clean. Mike was promptly at the time, place and date we had agreed upon. Mike’s professional service and meticulous efforts made my car look like new. It was a great experience to deal with Mike and his professional service and work ethics.  No question Mike really takes his work seriously and the customer reaps an enormous benefit. If you take pride in your wheels, Mike's the man!!

— Joe D.