C.Quartz Coating Information


 Have questions?  Would you like to learn more about the C.Quartz line of ceramic paint coatings and what may be the best option for your vehicle?  Check out the information below!


Why is a full exterior detail needed prior to having a C.Quartz coating applied?

Contaminants on the paint surface along with any paint imperfections (swirls, scratches, etc.) will be locked in under the C.Quartz ceramic paint coating if not removed prior to the application.  Proper paint preparation also ensures the C.Quartz ceramic paint coating will bond correctly.


What else is coated with C.Quartz coating along with the paint?

The paint, wheel faces, glass, headlights and taillights are all coated.  Any additional coating coverage such as under hood paint, wheel barrels, calipers and any suspension components are additional.


Can I have a C.Quartz coating applied if I already have Xpel or other paint protection film (ppf) on my vehicle?

Yes.  The paint coating (C.Quartz) should be placed on TOP of any ppf and will offer the same benefits the coating does to the non ppf areas.


Is C.Quartz Finest Reserve and available to any detail business?

NO.  C.Quartz Finest Reserve is an exclusive coating that can only be applied through a professional detailer authorized by the manufacturer (CarPro-USA).  Pristine Detailing is the only business in eastern Pennsylvania able to offer the full line of Cquartz Coatings, which includes C.Quartz Finest Reserve and C.Quartz Professional.  No other business has access to either coating within the area.  Keeping the coating exclusive ensures quality is kept at a very high standard.  There are less than 120 authorized businesses in the USA.

If your vehicle is not at Pristine Detailing, you are not receiving the best service and protection . 


Is C.Quartz Reserve the same as other coatings on the market?

No.  C.Quartz Reserve is the flagship coating offered by CarPro.  It is glossier, harder and releases dirt & contaminants better than other coatings such as Opti-Coat, Ceramic Pro and many other coatings on the market.


When is the best time to have a C.Quartz  paint coating applied?

The best time for Pristine Detailing to prep and apply a C.Quartz paint coating, is when you take delivery of your new vehicle.  DO NOT allow the dealership to ‘prep’ your new vehicle.  They will not follow proper wash/dry techniques, which will induce a variety of paint issues. Paint problems must then be corrected prior to the paint coating application, costing you extra $$$.


What is needed once a C.Quartz paint coating is applied?

Once a C.Quartz paint coating has been applied, basic washing & drying is all that is needed for the life of the coating.  It is highly recommended that all coated vehicles make an appointment to have a yearly ‘decontamination’ wash performed to keep the coating looking and performing up to standards.  Topper products are available at Pristine Detailing that will extend the life of the coating.


What is the difference between the C.Quartz paint coating line?

Main difference is hardness and/or stain resistance.  C.Quartz Finest Reserve in the top tier coating, C.Quartz Professional in the mid-tier and C.Quartz UK in the entry level coating.  See chart at top of page, Call 610-349-8223 or fill out the quote form for details.


Where can I see a completed detail with a C.Quartz coating?

Nearly all details completed at Pristine Detailing are highlighted on the FaceBook page. Click on the link below.



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