Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process of removing light to heavy defects in the paint of your vehicle using various polishing techniques.


1-Step Paint Correction

Ideal for light colored vehicles in very good condition where only light paint marring is present.

Minimum requirement for any Cquartz coating application.

Starting at $530*

2-Step Paint Correction

Removes deeper wash/dry marring and a variety of other light to medium defects within the paint.  First step of the process will remove the defects, second will restore the clarity.  Ideal for any color vehicle in good-fair condition.

Minimum requirement for dark colored vehicles in for any Cquartz coating.

Starting at $650*

3(+) Step Paint Correction

Removes the deepest imperfections while preserving as much of the existing clear coat as possible.  This is a true restoration process that takes time, patience and knowledge to complete.  Careful paint measurements ensures the work can be performed safely.

Starting at $1090*

*Price included prep, polishing step(s) and basic sealant.  Once the paint correction process has been performed, it is highly recommended that a C.Quartz paint coating be applied for long lasting protection.


The before/after & 50/50 pictures below show paint problems corrected using various polishing techniques. The pictures represent the polishing steps only, there are no waxes or fillers used. Take notice how proper polishing and paint leveling deepens the color and removes the scratches.  Paint correction work takes years of experience to master…you will NOT find this level of service at a local carwash or car dealer.

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My initial conversation with Mike at Pristine Detailing consisted of what his services would provide. Mike did exactly what he described to me and more. Mike detailed parts of the car that never crossed my mind to clean. Mike was promptly at the time, place and date we had agreed upon. Mike’s professional service and meticulous efforts made my car look like new. It was a great experience to deal with Mike and his professional service and work ethics.  No question Mike really takes his work seriously and the customer reaps an enormous benefit. If you take pride in your wheels, Mike's the man!!

— Joe D.