The Basic Detail

The Basic Detail is Pristine Detailing’s professional detailing package for anyone looking to have their luxury car or sports car thoroughly cleaned and protected.


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Who is the Basic Detail professional detailing package right for?

The Basic Detail is a good once or twice-a-year maintenance detail for a vehicle in good condition or as a follow-up after a more aggressive, paint-correcting detail has been done.

This detail will provide a full decontamination of the paint, followed up with a polymer paint sealant to protect the finish.  The interior will be cleaned and protected with the proper pH balanced, no gloss products.

No paint polishing performed with the Basic Detail.  Clients wishing to have swirls, scratches, and general paint marring removed, please see the Paint Correction services page.

Luxury, sport and classic vehicles only.

What does the Basic Detail include?

  • Clean tires, wheels and wheel wells
  • Decontaminating foam pre-soak to loosen dirt and debris
  • Pressurized rinse
  • Re-foam/hand wash
  • Clay bar all painted surfaces to remove embedded contaminants
  • Microfiber towel/forced air dry
  • Polymer sealant application
  • Clean door and trunk jambs
  • Vacuum interior/trunk
  • Steam/extract mats, carpet, and seats*
  • Clean and condition leather*
  • Clean/dress interior plastic and vinyl with no gloss UV protectant
  • Wheels sealed
  • Dress tires
  • Windows & mirrors cleaned in/out
  • Clean, condition and UV-protect convertible tops

* C.Quartz Fabric & C.Quartz Leather / Vinyl available for superior protection

How much does the Basic Detail cost?

Prices for The Basic Detail automobile detailing service start at $215 for interior and exterior. Prices vary based on the size of the vehicle.

  • Excessive interior staining, pet hair, sap / mold spore removal, and heavy brake dust (+$60/hr).
  • All custom, antique, classic, ultra luxury and exotic vehicles done at an hourly rate ($60/hr).
  • C.Quartz Fabric and/or C.Quartz Leather & Vinyl are an additional charge based on surface area.

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How long does the Basic Detail take?

The Basic Detail car detailing package takes 6-10 hours.


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“I just wanted to say thanks again for a wonderful job applying "C.Quartz Finest" to my Corvette. The results were nothing short of amazing. The depth, luster, and color improvements after the application really enhance the overall beauty of the car. I'll be sure to pass on your exceptional abilities and customer service to other enthusiasts. The results speak for themselves and as always, the best advertising is "word of mouth".”

— Jim K.