C.Quartz Wheel Ceramic Coatings

Easy cleaning and better protection with a C.Quartz ceramic wheel coating.

Just as C.Quartz ceramic coatings protect your paint, they can be very beneficial to your wheels.  A durable shield like no other wheel sealant or wheel wax.  Benefits include…

  • An extremely hard hydrophobic coating
  • Wheels stay cleaner longer and are easier to clean when needed
  • No repetitive re-applications needed
  • Helps prevent hot brake dust from adhering to the wheel
  • Can be applied to finishes such as clear coated & matte/satin.
  • Highly recommended for new vehicles and new aftermarket wheels
  • Applied by hand or via air brush, so no wheel design is ever too intricate

Price starting at $100 for new wheels off vehicle or $300 for removing wheels 

Includes complete decontamination process and prep, Cquartz ceramic coating applied to entire wheel and calipers (painted), IR cured to ensure a proper bond,  remounted and hand torqued to factory specifications.  Machine polishing to remove defects and heavy contaminant (brake dust) removal are additional.