1. What is the difference between the C.Quartz paint coating line?

    Main difference is hardness, chemical and/or stain resistance.  C.Quartz Finest Reserve in the top tier coating, C.Quartz Professional in the mid-tier. See chart at top of page, Call 610-349-8223 or fill out the quote form for details.

  2. What is needed once a C.Quartz paint coating is applied?

    Once a C.Quartz paint coating has been applied, basic washing & drying is all that is needed for the life of the coating.  A ‘maintenance’ type detail is also available for all clients seeking only the best care after the coating has been applied.

  3. When is the best time to have a C.Quartz paint coating applied?

    The best time for Pristine Detailing to prep and apply a C.Quartz paint coating is when you take delivery of your new vehicle.  It can, however, be applied anytime after. DO NOT allow the dealership to ‘prep’ your new vehicle.  They will not follow proper wash/dry techniques, which will induce a variety of paint issues.

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