Porsche Turbo S with Cquartz Finest Reserve


What does New Vehicle Detailing include?

  • Clean tires, wheels and wheel wells
  • Decontaminating foam pre-soak to loosen dirt & debris
  • Pressurized rinse
  • Re-foam/hand wash
  • Remove any paint protection residue
  • Clay bar all painted surfaces to remove embedded contaminants
  • Microfiber towel/forced air dry
  • Minimum 1-step machine polishing
  • Swissvax premium wax  or C.Quartz Coating* application for outstanding protection
  • Clean/seal door and trunk jambs
  • Remove any interior protective plastic
  • Vacuum interior/trunk
  • Spot clean any necessary interior areas
  • Clean and condition leather*
  • Clean/protect interior plastic with no gloss UV protectant
  • Wheels sealed
  • Dress tires
  • Windows / mirrors cleaned in & out
  • Convertible tops clean, condition, UV protectant
 Swissvax Premium wax,  C.Quartz Coating, C.Quartz Fabric and / or C.Quartz Leather & Vinyl available for superior protection

Where can I see a completed detail with a C.Quartz coating?

Most of the details completed at Pristine Detailing are highlighted on the FaceBook, IG or by scrolling through the gallery page. www.facebook.com/PristineDetailingLLC

What is the difference between the C.Quartz paint coating line?

Main difference is hardness, chemical and/or stain resistance.  C.Quartz Finest Reserve in the top tier coating, C.Quartz Professional in the mid-tier. See chart at top of page, Call 610-349-8223 or fill out the quote form for details.

What is needed once a C.Quartz paint coating is applied?

Once a C.Quartz paint coating has been applied, basic washing & drying is all that is needed for the life of the coating.  A ‘maintenance’ type detail is also available for all clients seeking only the best care after the coating has been applied.

When is the best time to have a C.Quartz paint coating applied?

The best time for Pristine Detailing to prep and apply a C.Quartz paint coating is when you take delivery of your new vehicle.  It can, however, be applied anytime after. DO NOT allow the dealership to ‘prep’ your new vehicle.  They will not follow proper wash/dry techniques, which will induce a variety of paint issues.

Is C.Quartz Finest Reserve the same as other coatings on the market?

No.  C.Quartz Reserve is the flagship coating offered by CarPro.  It is glossier, harder and releases dirt & contaminants better than other coatings such as Opti-Coat, Ceramic Pro and many other coatings on the market.

Is C.Quartz Finest Reserve available to any detail business?

NO.  C.Quartz Finest Reserve is an exclusive coating that can only be applied through a professional detailer authorized by the manufacturer (CarPro-USA).  Pristine Detailing is the only business in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas able to offer the full line of Cquartz Coatings, which includes C.Quartz Finest Reserve and C.Quartz Professional.  No other business has access to either coating within the area.  Keeping the coating exclusive ensures quality is kept at a very high standard.  There are less than 120 authorized businesses in the USA. If your vehicle is not at Pristine Detailing, you are not receiving the best service and protection.

Can I have a C.Quartz coating applied if I already have Xpel or other paint protection film (ppf) on my vehicle?

Yes.  The ceramic coating (C.Quartz) should be placed on TOP of any ppf and will offer the same benefits the coating does to the non ppf areas.

What else is coated with C.Quartz coating along with the paint?

The paint, wheel faces, glass, headlights and taillights are all coated.  Any additional coating coverage such as under the hood paint, inner wheel, calipers and any suspension components are additional.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Simply fill out the form here — or call 610-349-8223.

How long does a detail take?

Since every vehicle has different needs, the time frame for detailing services are discussed with the customer at the time a vehicle evaluation is made.

What type of products do you use?

Pristine Detailing only uses the finest professional detailing products, carefully selected to match the needs of the vehicle. You will not find low-quality silicone-filled polishes, oily glazes or greasy tire and interior dressings at Pristine Detailing.

Are you insured?

Pristine Detailing is fully insured to handle any vehicle and has the proper authorization at the state and local levels to operate an auto detailing business.

What areas do you serve?

Pristine Detailing provides professional detailing services to clients in the Lehigh Valley, Bucks County, Montgomery County, New Jersey and beyond. We serve clients in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Emmaus, Quakertown, Coopersburg, Center Valley, Doylestown, Lansdale, etc.

What type of service can I expect?

Handing over your vehicle to someone you can trust is extremely important. If you desire a place where one-on-one service is important and would like to be in contact with the person taking your vehicle every step of the way, Pristine Detailing is for you.

What services do you offer?

Pristine Detailing offers a variety of services including paint correction (machine polishing), Swissvax ultra premium care products and C.Quartz ceramic nano coatings.  Every vehicle that leaves Pristine Detailing is detailed to a very high standard and treated to the best possible products. * Basic ‘wash and wax’ detailing or interior only services services are not offered.* Click here  to see all the auto detailing services.

Why is the paint decontamination and polishing (paint correction) process needed prior to having a C.Quartz coating applied?

Contaminants on the paint surface along with any paint imperfections (swirls, scratches, etc.) will be locked in under the C.Quartz ceramic paint coating if not removed prior to the application.  Proper paint preparation also ensures the ceramic coating will bond correctly.

How much does New Vehicle Detailing cost?

Pricing for New Vehicle Detailing services start at $900, depending on vehicle size/condition.

What form of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express.

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