Porsche Taycan Turbo S

New Vehicle Detail

Most people assume that brand new vehicles are perfect and no detailing work is required. Truth is, new vehicles are delivered at roughly 80 percent of their potential.

All vehicles will benefit from paint polishing (correction), new or old. New vehicles will have factory & dealership issues polished away, resulting in an increased level of gloss and clarity.

Once each vehicle goes through the prep, polishing and protection process, a ‘maintenance’ type detail is available to keep the vehicle looking as it should.

AMG rim cleaning
porsche rims

What does New Vehicle Detailing include?

  • Clean tires, wheels and wheel wells
  • Decontaminating foam pre-soak to loosen dirt & debris
  • Pressurized rinse
  • Re-foam/hand wash
  • Remove any paint protection residue
  • Clay bar all painted surfaces to remove embedded contaminants
  • Microfiber towel/forced air dry
  • Minimum 1-step machine polishing
  • Swissvax premium wax™ or C.Quartz Coatings available for superior protection
  • Clean/seal door and trunk jambs
  • Wheels protected
  • Dress tires
  • Windows / mirrors cleaned in & out
  • Convertible tops clean, condition, UV protectant

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