Porsche Turbo S with Cquartz Finest Reserve


What does New Vehicle Detailing include?

  • Clean tires, wheels and wheel wells
  • Decontaminating foam pre-soak to loosen dirt & debris
  • Pressurized rinse
  • Re-foam/hand wash
  • Remove any paint protection residue
  • Clay bar all painted surfaces to remove embedded contaminants
  • Microfiber towel/forced air dry
  • Minimum 1-step machine polishing
  • Swissvax premium wax  or C.Quartz Coating* application for outstanding protection
  • Clean/seal door and trunk jambs
  • Remove any interior protective plastic
  • Vacuum interior/trunk
  • Spot clean any necessary interior areas
  • Clean and condition leather*
  • Clean/protect interior plastic with no gloss UV protectant
  • Wheels sealed
  • Dress tires
  • Windows / mirrors cleaned in & out
  • Convertible tops clean, condition, UV protectant
 Swissvax Premium wax,  C.Quartz Coating, C.Quartz Fabric and / or C.Quartz Leather & Vinyl available for superior protection

How much does New Vehicle Detailing cost?

Pricing for New Vehicle Detailing services start at $900, depending on vehicle size/condition.

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