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Pristine Detailing is not your typical detailing business. As the Lehigh Valley’s premier auto detailing company, Pristine offers a truly superior experience, thrilling customers with outstanding service and professionalism.

Most people assume that brand new vehicles are perfect and no detailing work is required. Truth is, new vehicles are delivered at roughly 80 percent of their potential.

All vehicles will benefit from paint polishing (correction), new or old. New vehicles will have factory & dealership issues polished away, resulting in an increased level of gloss and clarity. Older vehicles will see years of wash marring and general surface imperfections addressed, leaving a dramatic difference in depth, gloss and clarity.

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Our Waxes & Ceramic Coatings


Carnauba is the world’s hardest, purest, most transparent and also most expensive natural wax. Swissvax contains 30-76% of the highest grade carnauba compared to 3-5% of conventional waxes. Once applied to properly prepared paintwork, Swissvax premium carnauba waxes yield a rich, deep shine and fantastic protection. In short, Pristine Detailing is proud to offer some of the best available wax options for your luxury vehicle, exotic, classic or prized daily driver.

Swissvax Crystal Rock

A concours wax with over 76% by volume of pure, grade one Brazilian carnauba. Results are a very hydrophobic, high-gloss, long-term protected surface. Best of both worlds, long term protection along with a deep, rich shine. Carefully applied by hand to ensure uniform coverage. Lifespan of 6-12 months.

Swissvax Concorso

A concours wax with 50% by volume of pure grade one Brazilian carnauba. Provides an outstanding level of depth and gloss. Perfect for concours vehicles or ‘garage queens’. Carefully applied by hand to ensure uniform coverage. Lifespan of 3-6 months.

Swissvax Shield

Creates an ingenious protection shield for your paintwork offering a proverbial “Teflon-pan-effect” thanks to the added PTFE. Recommended for daily driven vehicles. Lifespan of 6-12 months.

Ceramic Coatings

C.QUARTZ Finest Reserve

C.QUARTZ Finest Reserve ceramic coating is an entirely new technology developed to carry the torch for CarPro and the line of advanced nanotechnology coatings. Backed by a 3-Year CarPro certified warranty, C.QUARTZ Finest Reserve is an extremely complex hybrid blend of SiO2 infused epoxy nano particles.

C.QUARTZ Professional

C.QUARTZ Professional was developed based on advances over the past 6 years in C.QUARTZ nanotechnology, this formula is infused with fluorocarbon composite and SiO2 with modified nanoparticles to provide an extremely reflective shine and rich, deep gloss.


In the pursuit of perfection, CarPro developed a truly innovative formula based on a siloxane nano-diamond fusion and a proprietary silicon resin, which make D.QUARTZ the first ever coating to offer mechanical resistance to swirls and scratches.

Ceramic Wheel Coatings

Just as C.Quartz ceramic coatings protect your paint, they can be very beneficial to your wheels. A durable shield like no other wheel sealant or wheel wax.

Our Lehigh Valley PA Service Area

Located in Coopersburg Pennsylvania, Pristine Detailing offers professional detailing for the most discriminating clients in the Lehigh Valley, including Coopersburg, Center Valley, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Macungie, Hellertown, and Surrounding Areas.

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